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Empowering Women: WINnovators Pilot Activities 2 in Serbia will Bring Strong Positive Change

WINnovators Serbia: A depiction of the Serbian flag alongside the WINnovators logo, symbolizing empowerment and innovation for women in Serbia.

The WINnovators project in Serbia aims to address crucial needs by promoting digital, entrepreneurial, STEM/STEAM, innovation, and sustainability skills among young women from rural areas. This initiative not only introduces new training practices but also provides opportunities for the development of entrepreneurial ideas, thus breaking down barriers to female entrepreneurship.

Developing Skills and Capacity Building

One of the key objectives of WINnovators is to develop new teaching and training approaches in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) that build essential skills among students. These approaches involve engaging students and external informal learners in capacity-building activities that benefit local communities. By fostering teamwork and innovation, WINnovators aims to create change agents among HEI students and educators.

Building a WINnovators Community

Central to the WINnovators project is the establishment of a supportive community facilitated by an interactive working space. This platform serves as a hub for collaboration, providing valuable resources for teachers, students, and learners alike. Through gamified e-trainings and e-modules, WINnovators encourages the development of competencies essential for success in the digital age.

WINnovators Serbia: A depiction of the Serbian flag alongside the WINnovators logo, symbolizing empowerment and innovation for women in Serbia.

Target Groups and Goals

The beneficiaries of the WINnovators project include young women at risk of marginalization, HEI students, teachers, trainers, and educators, as well as training providers focused on distance learning and open innovation. The project aims to create a gamified learning environment that fosters collaboration and motivation, ultimately empowering participants to pursue opportunities in STEM, digital innovation, sustainability, and entrepreneurship.

Pilot II Activities Kick-off

The second round of WINnovators Pilot activities in Serbia commenced with a meeting organized by BADEN Network, bringing together women entrepreneurs and students on February 28th, 2024.

Expanding Engagement and Collaboration

Continuing the momentum, a second meeting organized by BADEN and ABW took place on March 29th, 2024, further engaging women entrepreneurs and students in the Project’s initiative.

Multiplying Impact

The multiplier event, organized by ABW and BADEN on April 19th, 2024, marked another milestone in the WINnovators project, amplifying its impact within the community.

Promoting Education and Awareness

An upcoming event organized by BADEN at the Belgrade Banking Academy – Faculty of Banking, Insurance, and Finance, on April 25th and 26th, 2024, will offer a free Digital Marketing course and promote the WINnovators project, reinforcing its mission of empowerment.

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