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The WINnovators Interactive Working Space provides a platform and valuable learning resources for both teachers/educators and students/learners. It consists of an interactive learning area with user-friendly resources that will boost co-creation and cooperation among the users in the development of several competences.

The platform is designed for formal-informal blended training and it provides teamwork settings where students from Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), young women from rural outskirts and partners from Open Innovation Environments (OIEs) can collaborate on innovative ideas in a gamified, portfolio-based interactive learning space.

The platform promotes microlearning contents and allows to learn with gamified approaches, manage and share several projects with the other teams.

Target Groups

The beneficiaries of the WINnovators Interactive Working Space are the main targets of the project itself:

  • Young women at risk of marginalisation from all Partner countries;
  • HEI students and/or HEI teachers, trainers and educators in general;
  • All the training providers focused on distance learning and open innovation.


The gamified learning environment will help to mediate collaboration between HEIs, OIEs and community learners (mainly young women at risk of marginalisation coming from rural neighbourhoods / outskirts), and will enable to keep up learners’ motivation.

It will provide easy access to targeted learning nuggets about STEM/STEAM, digital innovation, sustainability and entrepreneurship.

The WINnovators Interactive Working Space will mediate the creation of a WINnovators Community as a shared capacity.

To log into WINnovators Working Space…