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Given the key role that Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) play in shaping socio-economic development, they should be involved as change agents in fostering sustainability and in enhancing the support of disadvantaged groups, such as young women from rural areas.

On these premises, WINNOVATORS project will provide an answer to the following needs:

  • Promoting digital, entrepreneurial, STEM/STEAM, innovation and sustainability skills among young women from rural areas. This will be done by proposing new training practices and by providing opportunities for the development of entrepreneurial ideas, thus overcoming the bias to female entrepreneurship.
  • Developing new teaching and training approaches in HEIs that will build the required skills among students, for example by engaging students and external informal learners in capacity building activities benefitting their local communities.

Specific Objectives

  • Developing capacity building practices in teamwork across Partner countries.
  • Developing young women’s skills and the capacity of HEI students and educators to become change agents, by developing gamified e-trainings and e-modules.
  • Building a WINnovators Community, mediated by the interactive working space for teamwork and supported by social media.
  • Organising an international online policy seminar involving policy makers from all Partner countries, who will contribute to the creation of policy guidelines raising awareness and fos-tering gender-sensitive education at a European level.