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Two Deliverables finally published!

D1.1 “WINnovators Training Practices Collection”

Author: Tallinn University

Download the full document here!

The deliverable provides an overview of the training practices that will be developed in the context of the project, but also of the engagement approaches and the content of training modules available in working space.

In particular, WINnovators training practices describes a capacity building approach targeting young women from disadvantaged rural areas by fostering them to collaborate, learn and further develop their innovative business ideas.

WINnovators engagement framework includes the strategy to attract and engage targeted groups of women in the training path, and the guidelines on how these women and HEI students should interact with each other in order to create collective capacity and agency. The suggested activities are intended to involve all participants in teamwork settings and make them solve STEM/STEAM problems, digital innovation and entrepreneurial challenges by using a design thinking approach.

D2.1 “Game elements for the WINNOVATORS”

Author: University of Ljubljana

Download the full document here.

The Deliverable presents the gamification element in WINnovators interactive working space, aimed at involving users in achieving better results from the learning, participating in all scheduled activities and preventing them from giving up. The most important element is the badge system, designed to support the acquisition of skills from the WINnovators Competency Framework.

As a result, students participating in the training will earn badges from completing general learning activities and overcoming challenges. Digital badges are a representation of an accomplishment or of a competence achieved, and are used in virtual environments to engage, motivate, encourage participation and affect behaviour. In WINnovators project, badges are used to increase learning motivation, promoting self-efficacy and self-regulation.

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