Encouraging the creation of learning communities through digital services

Building a community among WINnovators target groups, mediated by the interactive working space, is one of the project’s goals. WINnovators community will be made especially of young women from rural areas, students and teachers from HEIs (Higher Education Institutions), who will work together to build and empower their capacities in the digital, entrepreneurial, STEM/STEAM innovation and sustainability field.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, digital environments have supported citizens, even those living in rural areas, to carry out their jobs and other activities, while still maintaining distances. The transition from physical to digital communities has also helped students continuity in education and allowed people to keep in contact with one another and continue their daily activities, albeit differently.

Technology can enhance the way we learn and connect with each other; within this vision, WINnovators project aims to design a tool to connect University students with women from rural areas and communities. During the first months, WINnovators Consortium has beed developing the WINnovators Interactive Working Space; an interactive learning area with user-friendly resources that will boost cooperation among users in the development of several competences.

The platform is designed for formal-informal blended training and it provides teamwork settings where HEI students, young women from rural outskirts and OIE Partners can collaborate on innovative ideas in a gamified, portfolio-base interactive learning space. The platform includes micro-learning contents and promotes learning with gamified appoaces, managing and sharing several projects with the other teams.

The platform will offer the possibility to create courses and a build a community, and it presents itself ad a sharing space for design-thinking teams.

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